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Closely connected and with a global approach Purchasing and logistics at Bosch offer interesting challenges.


In a global company such as Bosch, warehouses as logistical hubs have daily challenges. Across the world, Bosch has around 800 locations with warehousing functions, operated either internally or externally. By implementing the Bosch Production System, warehouses ensure continuous material availability and a good delivery performance. Fast, reliable and cost effective handling is crucial.

To ensure this, we apply continuous improvement in our warehouses. The key to achieving efficient logistic systems with highest quality and highest performance lies in implementing the principles of the Bosch Production System and establishing standardized processes here.

In addition to the development of individual locations, we aim to maximize the potential for consolidation of all business segments, via a permanent review of our logistics network. The implementation of a preferred supplier concept for externally operated warehouse makes a significant contribution to standardization and systematic development of the logistics processes.