Quality management

Quality assurance
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Procurement process

Quality requirements

The procurement process is the framework for a long-term and successful business relationship.
It addresses some essential quality requirements to our suppliers.


Every day, we purchase over 300 million parts for our plants around the world. Comprehensive incoming inspection would be a huge drain on resources. So we expect our suppliers to operate a quality management system to guarantee defect-free delivery, right from start of production. Accordingly, milestones and necessary tasks are discussed with suppliers at the beginning of the project.

We agree on the specific quality assurance measures to be carried out during the engineering phase. We place particular importance on failure impact analysis (FMEA) and capability testing for machines, production processes, and testing procedures. Another important element is the critical assessment of parameters that are likely to change during the production process (e. g. because of tool wear). The final stage of this preventive quality assurance process is a final release based on initial sample approval and process acceptance under production conditions.

In close cooperation of quality management, technical purchasing and suppliers together with Bosch engineering and production we take care for a perfect start of production (SOP).