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Invented for life

Invented for life

Our customers choose us for our innovative strength and efficiency, for our reliability and quality of work.



Preferred suppliers are the first to be involved in our strategies and development projects, enhancing their ability to plan ahead.



“In the long term, an honest and fair approach to doing business will always be the most profitable…" (Robert Bosch, 1921)



In the spirit of our founder, we particularly demonstrate social and environmental responsibility.

Procurement process

Quality requirements

The procurement process is the framework for a long-term and successful business relationship.
It addresses some essential quality requirements to our suppliers.

Purchasing terms and conditions of the Bosch group
We count on transparency. Please find attached contractual regulations for business relationships in selected regions. Additional country specific regulations may apply.

Brazil – RBLA supplier portal

Scintilla AG (Bosch Power Tools, Switzerland)
Supplementary Terms and Conditions of Purchase for Software of Robert Bosch GmbH

Additional Purchasing Terms and Conditions for Products regarding Open Source Software
Supplementary Terms and Conditions of Purchase for Software
Request and quotation program
You are already a Bosch supply partner and have already received requests for quotations from us? You can process and answer such requests with this program. A comprehensive user guide is naturally included.

Information about EM-motive
The EM-motive GmbH (50/50 - Joint Venture between the Daimler AG and the Robert Bosch GmbH) has assigned the operative responsibility in purchasing to the purchasing organisation of the Robert Bosch GmbH.

Terms and conditions for the awarding of services and engineering contracts
This additional terms and conditions for Germany will apply also in other regions.

Attachment to our Terms of purchase Germany
Special terms and conditions for the assignment of training services *)
This special terms and conditions apply for the awarding and assignment of training services in the scope of training events and other training services for the Bosch group in Germany.

Health and safety, fire and environmental protection of contractor companies (Summary of Bosch standard N93 A20)
This document describes the requirements relevant with regard to occupational health and safety, fire and environmental protection for employing contractor companies. Any hazard for persons, equipment and the environment as well as production is to be avoided.

Requirements for contractor companies
Bosch Principles of Work Safety and Environmental Protection
Awarding building contracts (BVB) for the Bosch group
This special terms and conditions apply for the awarding of building contracts for the Bosch group in Germany. With similar content they are also used in other regions.

Awarding building contracts (german only)
Invoice example (only german)
Prohibition and declaration of substances
Bosch-Norm N 2580-1 regulates prohibited substances and those rated declarable in materials and it is part of the requirements for materials. It helps implementing statutory requirements and requirements on the part of Bosch-customers.

Bosch standard N2580
Bosch IMDS Data entry guidline
Delivery instructions for machinery
This information package provides essential regulations for the delivery and initial operation of machinery

Quality Management in the Bosch Group - Order form
General and particular procedures as well as arrangements concerning the QS approaches at Bosch are represented and explained in these booklets. They can be ordered - subject to a fee.

Logistics Supplier Manual (Version 4.0 – December 2016)
Clear rules and agreements make life easier. Our supplier manual for Logistics will help to improve the supplier relations between you and Bosch.

Download English version
Download German version
Download Spanish version
Regional regulations
Following amendments of the supply chain manual logistics apply.

US packaging instructions
US routing instructions
MAT-Label (Version 2.6 June 2014)
The standardized marking of supplied parts is essential for tracebility. The requirements are specified in this documents.

Standardized labeling of parts from suppliers with MAT-Label
Specific arrangements for Automotive Electronics (AE)
Specific arrangements for Automotive Electronics (AE) - Attachment
Package shipments with GLS
This information provides essential regulations for the processing of package shipments with the logistics service provider GLS.

EDI - Information Brochure
Brochure with general EDI information for all Bosch suppliers.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
Bosch standards and supplier related work instructions for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).

Global TMC Implementation
Training documents for Carrier and Supplier.

Download Carrier document
Download Supplier document
Appendix Supplier document (Sample prefilled mail)
Supplier training video