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Procurement process

Quality requirements

The procurement process is the framework for a long-term and successful business relationship.
It addresses some essential quality requirements to our suppliers.

Supplier Award

Bosch provides the Supplier Award to companies that have manufactured and supplied products or services particularly well.


We are looking for partnerships that will help us to retain our competitive edge over the long term. Our expectations towards innovation power, engineering and production competence and towards quality assurance at our suppliers are explained in the chapter "quality and innovation".

Some partnerships are particularly successful, and those firms are identified as preferred suppliers in the Bosch supplier portfolio. They are then the first to be involved in our strategic and development projects, enhancing their ability to plan ahead.

The rating system used for categorization of suppliers and for selecting partners for a new project is based on many different criteria. The criteria we apply in our integrated supplier evaluation are technological competence, product and logistics quality, entrepreneurial potential, price-performance ratio, and production concept. These are also the criteria when it comes to selecting the biennial winners of the Bosch supplier awards.