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Invented for life

Invented for life

Our customers choose us for our innovative strength and efficiency, for our reliability and quality of work.



The SupplyOn platform is the backbone of successful international cross-company cooperation.


We are providing seminars to the employees of our suppliers at a favorable price. You will benefit from modern teaching techniques and carefully selected trainers with professional knowledge and a memorable teaching style. Because we think in practical terms at Bosch, our seminar topics are taken from the world of practice, for the world of practice. They cover technical, business and work management issues as well as self-development.

For Bosch suppliers, who are registered in SupplyOn, we also offer web based training courses at no charge. Have a look at the examples.


Corporate Social Responsibility

In this course you will get sensitized for the aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We expect adherence to these standards from all suppliers working with Bosch. more

WBT: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Prohibition and declaration of certain substances

Via SupplyOn you will find a more detailed training regarding the prohibition and declaration of certain substances (Bosch Norm N2580). Learn what processes are affected.


You will get an overview of the 8D method and its significance for Bosch. Learn when and how to perform the steps of the 8D method and recognize the value of this problem-solving method.

WBT 8D Problem Solving Method available in following languages:

EN / CZ / ES / FR / JA / PT / TR and CN

At SupplyOn you will find some more quality topics. Get to know the importance of SPC as a quality engineering tool. Learn about basics of statistics and the use of control charts.