Sub-Supplier Management


The name “Bosch” stands for high quality products. Essential prerequisite therefore is continuously excellent quality of externally provided processes, products and services throughout our complete supply chain. Hence, all requirements for our suppliers have to be communicated into their supply chains correspondingly. A suitable Sub-Supplier Management supports this strongly.


Why do it? / Purpose

  • Ensuring of customer satisfaction
  • Compliance with CSR standards and statutory/legal requirements throughout the whole supply chain

When to do it

Throughout the entire term of business relationship between supplier and Bosch.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

  • Customer satisfaction
  • CSR rating
  • Number of quality incidents
  • Compliance with principle of legality


  • Requirements from Bosch and Bosch customers
  • Statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Analysis of those requirements, which are applicable in the supply chain
  • Implementation in own organization correspondingly
  • Demanding from own suppliers, e.g. through contractual obligations
  • Obligation to cascade down in own supply chain


Tools and Good Practises




BU-specific requirements