Software Quality Assurance - Software Development Assessment


Requirements: The organization shall implement and maintain a process for software quality assurance for their products containing software. Within this process a software development assessment methodology shall be utilized to assess organization´s software development process. The organization shall retain documented information of a software development capability self-assessment performed. Risk and potential impact of the software to the customer determines the frequency of self-assessments.


Why do it? / Purpose

Assurance of performed state-of-the-art software developing processes as preventive quality work.

When to do it

Software quality assurance while developing software. Number of self assessment based on risk and potential customer impact.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Rating of assessments according chosen assessment model (e.g. ASPICE, CMMI) compared to required target.


  • running software development for a product.
  • risk assessment containing potential impact on customer in case of non-conformity

Plan software development capability self-assessment(s) within quality assurance plan and perform the self-assessment according to plan with an defined assessment methodology (e.g. ASPICE, CMMI).


Documented and archived rating of the software development capability according assessment model. In case of findings the rating is the input for closing identified weaknesses.



Tools and Good Practises




BU-specific requirements