Rework and Repair


Requirement: Rework or repair processes imply additional quality risks and should therefore be avoided. Rework or repair processes are only permissible if these are necessary to maintain the supply chain as well as safeguarded and approved.


Why do it? / Purpose

To maintain the supply chain in exceptional cases.

When to do it

In exceptional cases upon safeguarding and approval.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

  • Failure rate
  • Expenditures (working hours, costs)
  • Failure costs


Parts/products are not ok, supply chain would be interrupted without rework/repair processes. Decision taken to execute rework/repair processes.


Minimum requirements:

  • Risks have been assessed (FMEA)
  • Work and control steps are specified, e.g. in the Control Plan
  • Special labeling of affected parts
  • Involved personnel is trained
  • Approvals are available
  • Traceability/FIFO is assured

Reworked/repaired parts comply with customer requirements and specifications and are re-introduced into manufacturing flow under controlled conditions.



Tools and Good Practises




BU-specific requirements