Assessment of critical processes


Requirements: Suppliers have to assess their production processes for a common risk evaluation

Bosch puts a special focus on those processes, which are either difficult to control by preventive or detective measures or where a deviation could lead to a severe complaint in the field. We will assess those processes together with our suppliers using standardized checklists and derive actions if necessary.


Why do it? / Purpose

In order to identify potential risks of failure occurrence in the production process which could lead to severe customer claims or major disturbances.

When to do it

The assessment can be carried out at different stages of the procurement process starting in the process preparation phase up to serial production.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Evaluation and risk assessment of critical processes performed and preventive actions finished to decrease risk



Existence of ´critical' processes at supplier (e.g. heat treatment, coating, de-burring,...)

Result of self-assessment by the supplier (e.g. CQIx, internal process audit,...)

Standardized Bosch checklist for specific critical process.

  • Based on the result of self assessment, definition of further steps by Bosch with supplier (e.g. onsite assessment with specific checklist)
  • In case of need, follow up of preventive actions.
  • Depending on result and criticality the period for re-assessment will be defined by Bosch and performed at the supplier.

Common understanding of risk under consideration of application in the product. Improvement actions will be derived and followed in an Open Point List (OPL).



Tools and Good Practises




BU-specific requirements

Will be distributed in case of being affected.