Abbreviations in selected quality requirements
5W-Method The 5 W Method is a practice of asking, five times, why the failure has occurred in order to get to the root cause/causes of the problem.
Audit An audit is a systematic inspection to determine whether a quality system complies with planned arrangements.
Quality audit applies to elements of QM-System (quality system audit), the elements of production
with quality risks (process audit) as well as elements affecting product quality (product quality audit).
BOM Abbr. Bill of Material (German: Stückliste)
CIP Abbr. Continuous Improvement Process (German: kontinuierlicher Verbesserungsprozess)
EMPB Abbr. Initial sample inspection report (ISIR) (German: Erstmusterprüfbericht)
The initial sample inspection report contains of a cover page and the inspection result sheets agreed between the customer and the supplier as well as other required documents.
FMEA Abbr. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
The FMEA is a systematized technique which identifies and ranks potential risk in order to prioritize
improvement actions.
KPI Abbr. Key Performance Indicator (German: Kennzahl)
OPL Abbr. Open points list (German: offene Punkte Liste)
PDCA Abbr. Plan, Do, Check, Act; (German: Planen, Tun, Prüfen, Umsetzen)
PPAP Abbr. Production Part Approval Process (German: Produktionsteil-Abnahmeverfahren)
Reference document to QS-9000. It includes generic requirements for production part approval for all production
and service commodities, including bulk materials. The purpose of this procedure is to determine
if all customer engineering design record and specification requirements are properly understood by the
supplier and that the process has the potential to produce series product, meeting these requirements
during an actual production run at the quoted production rate.
ppm Abbr. parts per million (German: Anzahl von Teilen pro Million Teile)
100 ppm means 100 non-conformities per 1.000.000 parts.
This corresponds to 0,01 % non-conformities.
QAA Abbr. Quality Assurance Agreement (German: Qualitätssicherungsvereinbarung)
RB Abbr. Robert Bosch GmbH
RfQ Abbr. Request for Quotation (German: Angebotsanfrage)
SC Abbr. Special Characteristics (German: Besondere Merkmale)
SE Abbr. Simultaneous Engineering (German: (wörtl.) „Gleichzeitige Ingenieurtätigkeit“)
SE aims to lower the duration of development and to decrease development costs. Often, SE is named in
connection with an organizational strategy to simultaneously develop products and processes with interdisciplinary
SOP Abbr. Start of Production (German: Start der Serienproduktion)
SPC Abbr. Statistical Process Control (German: Statistische Prozessregelung)
SPC is a standard method for visualizing and controlling processes based on the results of random
samples. The goal of SPC is to ensure that planned process results are achieved and the corresponding
customer requirements fulfilled.