Advanced Quality Planning (AQP process)


Requirement: The methods of the preventive quality planning have to be applied to all projects.


Why do it? / Purpose

To achieve capable processes at the supplier to assure quality/delivery targets before SOP incl. compliance of important characteristics.

When to do it

  • Starting in the project as early as possible (first draft with request for quotation)
  • revisioned with the progress of the project

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

  • on time release of parts without any deviations
  • no quality concerns during and after start of production (SOP)

  • project information (time, quantity)
  • complete technical specification
  • important characteristics list
  • list of planned preventive quality measures
  • definition of sampling requirements

Implementation of planned preventive quality measures (z.B. FMEA, Security process ability) according to the agreed plan


Successfully implemented measures according the defined preventive quality measures (e.g. positive process release, initial sample release without deviation, assured quality / delivery targets during ramp-up and SOP).



Tools and Good Practises

eISIR, Standard Q-tools such as FMEA, statistical process control etc.


Seminars for Bosch-Suppliers
(BTC-DE_QM_AIM500_de, TQ011, TQ013)

BU-specific requirements

Will be delivered during project.