Problem Solving (8D)


Requirement: Supplier have to remedy failures systematically and sustainable.

Problem Solving (PS) means an integrated approach to the sustainable solution of problems. The term ‘problem’ itself is understood as ‘deviation from a defined target state with an unknown cause’.

Recommended for all failures and on demand by Bosch.


Why do it? / Purpose

Understanding the functional dependencies and relationships of cause and effect in order to avoid reoccurrence of same or similar problems.

When to do it

Whenever a problem has to be solved (acc. above description)

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

  • Reaction time,
  • Quality of problem solving,
  • Avoidance of mistake repeat


Occurrence of a problem, meaning a deviation of defined target state with unknown cause by Bosch or supplier

  • Collection and analysis of facts and figures
  • Problem description
  • Analysis of cause-effect-relationship
  • Root-cause analysis (technical & managerial)
  • Definition of measures to solve problem
  • Implementation of counter measures
  • Close communication regarding activities with Bosch contact
  • Problem clearly described and fundamental problem understood
  • Root cause and cause-effect-relationship clearly understood
  • Proof of effectiveness of counter measures
  • Lessons Learned


Tools and Good Practises


BU-specific requirements