Product Safety & Conformity Representative = PSCR


The Product Safety & Conformity Representative = PSCR (German Produktsicherheitsbeauftragter = PSB) is responsible for preventing or eliminating product safety-relevant defects during product creation, development and manufacturing. A trained and qualified Product Safety Representative must be nominated for each production location. Further details can be requested from the customer.


Why do it? / Purpose

To prevent and minimize risks during the entire product development process, a defined risk management system is required.

When to do it

Suppliers need a responsible person (PSB) to actively eliminate (potential) risks for customers during the entire product development and manufacturing process.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

PSBs for each production site must be qualified and implemented as a single contact to Bosch. The person in charge must be named to Bosch.



According to the requirements of the automotive industry, a defined system for the management of risks is required in the entire supply chain.

  • For each production plant, a responsible person has to be nominated and qualified.
  • In the entire product life cycle, a risk management system has to be developed, implemented and continuously enhanced.
  • Consequent risk prevention and minimization in the entire supply chain
  • Fast reaction in case of safety related failures
  • Defined contact persons in case of failure occurrence


Tools and Good Practises




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