Product Safety Representative


Requirement: Product safety representatives have to be installed for all production sites manufacturing for Bosch. Product safety representatives must have knowledge about products manufactured for Bosch, risk assessments from methodological perspective and relevant product safety and product reliability regulation. Product safety representatives are part of supplier's management team or directly report to the management team or head of quality management.


Why do it? / Purpose

Suppliers need a responsible person to suspend components from production and delivery in case that safety related complaints can't be excluded.

When to do it

Product safety representatives have to support during engineering as well as production phase.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Product safety representatives for a production site must be implemented as a single contact to Bosch. Person in charge must be named to Bosch on request.


  • Request for quotation for a safety related product
  • Safety related complaint
  • Fault prevention (e.g. verification of safety related issues in the FMEA and lessons learned process, assessment of safty-relevant production and insprection processes)
  • Collaboration with Bosch and verification of rapid implementationof measures in the event of a fault.
  • Products have to be designed and manufactured, which exclude the occurance of safety related failures.
  • Problems have to be solved immediately if an unforseeable failure occurs.
    Measures have to be implemented with sustainable effectiveness.


Tools and Good Practises




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