Change Request process


Requirement: Process and product changes have to be announced by suppliers. A uniform change request document is provided so be used by suppliers may initiate the change process at Bosch. Use of this document will improve consistency and transparency of information transferred to and from Bosch and will improve efficiency of the change request process.


Why do it? / Purpose

Improve the efficiency of the change process and standardize the information transfer to and from Bosch prior to implementation of a change.

When to do it

A change request must be sent to and approved by Bosch prior to change as defined by the agreements between Bosch and the supplier.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Coordinated conversion of change suggestions



Change request form (See link in “BU-specific requirements").

Existing documents (drawings, process flows, etc) to support the proposed changes to existing processes or products.


Supplier to document proposed change and send to Bosch using the attached change document, along with supporting documents to explain the proposed change.

Bosch to review and decide whether to initially accept or not accept the proposed change. Supplier notified of decision.


Completed change document with decision of Bosch: either acceptance to proceed with Change Request or refusal of Change Request.



Tools and Good Practises




BU-specific requirements

The Supplier Initiated Change Request (SICR) is mandatory for automotive suppliers. SICR form and attachments please always send to The SCIR form is also recommended for all other suppliers.