Technical Supplier Meeting


Requirements: Supplier shall understand technical requirements and functions of products.

  • Supplier and Bosch gain a common understanding of the technical requirements in common technical discussions.

Why do it? / Purpose

Clarification of Bosch technical requirements together with supplier in order to optimize technical, functional, commercial and quality aspects.

When to do it

In the development stage as part of SE (Simultanious engeneering) work; several revisions may be necessary.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

  • best economic and technical solution found
  • no open issues

  • Complete specification
  • Drawing(s)
  • Other technical requirements (i.e. regarding sampling, cleanliness)

Technical discussion of all relevant topics, definition of necessary measures incl. implementation plan.

  • Clarification of all supplier questions and hints
  • Bosch understands how the supplier is able to fullfil the requirements
  • Review technical and cost-relevant issues based on a TLG checklist
  • Clarified technical specification.
  • Understanding of technical and production processes.
  • Status of technical feasibility.
  • List of open topics.


Tools and Good Practises